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​About Canine Action Project


Canine Action Project (CAP) is a Canadian registered charity, made up of a group of dedicated volunteers, that partners with First Nations communities in Saskatchewan to work towards optimal health for their people, animals and the environment through an integrated One Health approach. One Health recognizes the links between human, animal, and environmental health and associated community well-being. In working with our target communities to improve the health of their dogs, we are helping to achieve healthier, safer, balanced communities for people and their dogs.


Residents of Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan experience higher rates of dog-human related injuries and fatalities primarily resulting from large, free-roaming dog populations. Due to a combination of contributing factors, these communities often lack access to veterinary care and humane, sustainable canine management practices.


Great successes have been achieved to date, through a collaborative effort among community members, CAP volunteers, veterinary personnel, public health, university researchers and community based health representatives.

CAP's program is designed to improve animal and human health, increase animal and human health literacy and benefit community well-being in Saskatchewan's Indigenous communities.

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