Thank You to the CanFel Foundation

We are beyond excited to announce that we have been awarded a $10,000 grant from the CanFel Foundation for our Shared Cost Spay/Neuter Program and Emergency Medical Fund!

The money from this grant will be used specifically for providing an affordable spay/neuter option at local veterinary clinics to pet owners in our partner First Nations communities in Saskatchewan.

We will also be allocating the money for our Emergency Medical Fund which provides a cost sharing option of unexpected veterinary bills in order to avoid the owner having to surrender their pet due to financial constraints.

By providing an affordable and accessible option for veterinary care, these two programs will:
✔️ increase awareness about responsible pet ownership
✔️ reduce pet overpopulation and disease transmission
✔️ avoid pain and suffering to injured or sick animals due to limited finances
✔️ keep pets and families together

We are SO incredibly grateful for the support of the CanFel Foundation to continue to offer these successful programs in our partner First Nations communities.

The CanFel Foundation was established and generously funded by the late Sandra Bond to support animal welfare. The Foundation now works in her honor to assist Canadian animal welfare organizations with spay/neuter programs and humane education.