Request for Assistance


We appreciate your interest in bringing Canine Action Project’s programs to your community. 

An invitation for our program was sent out to both our current partner communities and the communities on our Wait List in the fall of 2019. Only a small handful of representatives from these communities responded to our invitation and have expressed interest in moving forward with rolling out the program. Discussions are currently taking place with members of leadership and the health authorities to execute the program for 2020.

At this point in time, we encourage any members of leadership or the health portfolios to reach out to Canine Action Project to request more information. Please be aware that we may not be able to assist immediately but do our best to offer some resources and suggestions in the meantime. 

It is important to note that our program is not free of charge. While Canine Action Project is 100% volunteer operated, it does cost money to keep our organization up and running. The rates in our program outline are flexible and are in place to secure cost recovery for our organization. 

We are able to assist with funding proposals if your community is interested in rolling out the program.

When contacting us for assistance, please ensure you have included your name, community, your position in the community (council member, teacher, band member, etc) and a contact e-mail or phone number.

Thank you for contacting Canine Action Project. Please allow up to 4 days for a reply as we are a volunteer organization. If you do not receive a response after 4 days, resubmit your email.