Donate to Canine Action Project 

Canine Action Project is a non-profit, Canadian registered charity that is 100% run by volunteers. We do not have any paid positions in our organization and we can only continue to do what we do by the generous donations from people like you. Please let us know if you wish to receive a tax receipt. A tax receipt will be provided by mail or email for any donations over $25.00.



Autodeposit - no password required

*PLEASE include your mailing address so we can issue a tax receipt!

Please mail all cheques to:
Canine Action Project
Box 114
Lashburn, SK
S0M 1H0


All monetary donations toward our General Fund will help cover costs of:

  • items needed for our Isolation Building such as bleach, paper towel, garbage bags, scrub brushes, Virkon, etc

  • fuel costs for volunteers who are using their own vehicles when working within a community

  • office supplies required for trade shows, spay/neuter clinics, etc

  • operating costs for running our isolation building including heat, power and security system


There are often times that we receive a call about a dog in medical distress. Some of these dogs may be owned but if the owner cannot afford veterinary care, they are able to apply to get help through this fund for assistance. The owner must also be able to contribute half the cost of required veterinary care. In the event that the dog is a stray or is surrendered by the owner, CAP will get the dog to a veterinary clinic for immediate care before transferring the animal to one of our parnter rescue organizations. Your donation will help cover the cost of emergency vet care for a dog in need.


This program assists owners who do not have access to proper shelter for their pets. Whether through community or school workshop building programs, your donation will go towards the purchase of an insulated and appropriate sized dog house for a dog in need.


There are always female dogs who slip through our spay/neuter clinics or are in a new community that we’re working with and we haven’t had a chance to do a clinic yet. Your donation will cover the cost to spay a female in need and prevent more unwanted litters. These are owned dogs with loving owners who simply cannot afford the cost to spay their dog but do not want any more puppies being born.


Education is the first and foremost priority for Canine Action Project. We have a valuable, culturally sensitive approach to humane education, dog bite prevention and dog wellness. These programs are facilitated in schools and community initiatives. Your donation will help cover the cost of printing materials and travel.