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Offsite Spay Program

We have an incredibly valuable partnership with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. This partnership allows us to run an offsite dog spay program at the University of Saskatchewan three to four times per year. Affectionately dubbed as the "U of S Spay Run", Canine Action Project utilizes this program for continued maintenance and ongoing support for our target communities interim of a spay/neuter clinic. 

With this program, we are able to spay, vaccinate (including rabies), deworm and tattoo up to 40 female dogs from a target community.

Since 2015, 709 female dogs have been spayed through this valuable program. An average sized litter is 6 puppies. If each female dog had 2 litters per year at 6 puppies each, this program has prevented 8,508 unwanted/unplanned puppies from being born!


The program requires participation from our very dedicated volunteers to help with the four separate phases:

Sign Up
CAP volunteers will canvas the community, going door to door to sign up female dogs for the program. Owners will sign a surgery consent form and pictures will be taken of the dogs for our records.


CAP volunteers will be joined by Dr. Bruce Grahn in the community. All female dogs that have been signed up for the program will receive their first set of vaccinations and deworming. Pet owners do not have to bring their dogs anywhere, we will visit them at home and Dr. Grahn will administer the vaccines onsite. Vaccinations and deworming must be done one month prior to surgery dates.


Pick Up
All female dogs that have been signed up, vaccinated and dewormed will be picked up by volunteers and driven to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. They will remain there while they have their surgeries. The WCVM has staff on shift 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A second booster of vaccinations will be given to them at the WCVM.


Drop Off

Dogs are returned home by volunteers! Pet owners will receive a certification of spay and a record of vaccinations. Volunteers will review aftercare instructions with pet owners and encourage annual vaccinations to ensure their animal's health.

If you are interested in assisting with a future U of S Spay Run, please email

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