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​Spay/Neuter Clinics 

Barriers to accessing veterinary care in First Nation's communities include lack of transportation, long distances to vet clinics, low socioeconomic status, and differences in cultural norms with respect to animal husbandry and skills. Residents in such communities may experience more frequent human-dog conflicts due to risks associated with zoonotic disease transmission, and physical trauma. Spay and neuter clinics are hosted in the community as an initiative to stabilize the dog population, thus decreasing human-dog conflicts and
zoonotic disease transmission. 


All dogs attending clinics are spay/neutered, vaccinated against rabies and other preventable canine diseases, dosed with parasite control, and tattooed for future identification.


Clinics are hosted between April and October of each year in First Nation communities throughout Saskatchewan. Clinics are hosted by the community in either a hall or school gymnasium. Community members are encouraged to volunteer.

We do not receive any funding for spay/neuter clinics. Clinic costs are the responsibility of the community requesting a clinic.



  • No more unwanted puppies, less animals to feed and provide for.

  • Less packing up of dogs, aggression, getting into fights and chasing livestock.

  • Dogs will not be driven to find mates, in turn less roaming of dogs and being hit by cars.

  • Dogs are less likely to bite. 70% to 76% of reported dog bites are caused by intact male dogs.

  • Less disease among the animal populations, in turn less chance of disease in the human population making for a healthier environment in the community.

  • Holistic approach to animal control.

People with all backgrounds and experience are able to help at clinics. Volunteers are assigned various duties at a clinic which may include dog walking, administrative work, kennel cleaning, assisting with dog intake or even pre-op exams. If you’re interested in more information or would like to have your name added to our Volunteer Call Out list, please email



Veterinarians, registered vet techs and vet/tech students are required in order to conduct a spay/neuter clinic. Experienced people for this position are needed as clinics tend to be a fast paced atmosphere in less than ideal conditions. If you’re interested in volunteering or having your name added to our Volunteer Call Out list, please email

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               CLINIC DATES 2024

  • June 14-16, 2024 - Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation

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